Upper Tier with the PYB Rock Imps

Given the weather forecast today stu and I decided to take the team to the Upper Tier Tremadog, which is now more popular than ever thanks to Jack Geldards North Wales Classic’s Pocketz guide. Where before there only used to be centres and the occassional climber the crag now has far more climbers using it. Meaning that as Instructors we have to be extra careful so not to upset the climbers.

It is one of those things that instructed groups often get a hard time of climbers, as they can be seen to monopolise routes with bottom ropes. I think we managed very well today, and only held a couple of climbers up by a less than a couple of minutes as our guys were mainly at the top of the crag rigging top ropes, and then belaying each other up to the top. As such we had a low impact on the cliff, but it is certainly a growing concern for this crag, as centres have often not clashed with climbers like they do in the peak, as most single pitch crags in North wales aren’t particularly good for climbers.

The main thing was it didn’t rain until we started heading down to the vehicle for an ice cream in Eric’s. It then stayed dry for the drive back to the centre.

My mission for this even was to try and climb in Bus Stop Quarry, as I sat in the car waiting I ran into a couple of friends who had just climbed “Wonderful World of Walt Disney”, I was and still am very jealous, as it a route I have wanted to do for ages, but never got the bottle to get on it! After they left it started raining so Bus Stop was off, and a quick text had me drive to the damn climbing wall.

I have to say it wasn’t a happy place this evening, as it was mainly full of people who had been wanting to climb outside but were repelled indoors. Looks like the ming is starting to hit, and just in time for when I finish work!

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