Winter Skills Coaching

Dave Evans introduces the Ice Axe to the group for cutting steps

Well I have spent the day out with Plas Y Brenin observing them teach the staff from Cotswold winter skills. It is part of a joint training week with Mountain Equipment. So the day was very surreal, with more ME logos and clothing than you could shake a very large stick at. I guess it will really help both companies on the one hand you have product testing and new skills to help out the staff.

It was great for me to see a few more examples of how to teach Winter Skills, one of the elements of the assessment for my Winter ML. I was interested to see that my thoughts that the EDICT model of coaching skills was used by the staff from Plas Y Brenin. Basically EDICT means you Explain, Demonstrate, the group imitate, the coach/instructor then corrects any mistakes and then the students try again. It was also good to see that the few planned strategies I have been thinking of using for different elements seem to work in real life. I also picked up some more great nuggets of knowledge for introducing the skills in a progressive and structure approach.

A massive thank you for Dave and the Brenin letting me shadow him.

Kicking Steps
Do Do Do, come on and do the Conger! Follow my leader or using the EDICT Model of coaching
Phil Dothwaite teaching dome Sliding
Dave Evans showing the group how to use the Ice Axe to stop a slip becoming a fall.

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