The East Ridge of Ben A’ Choarian

Loz of East Ridge of Bein A' Choarian

This is a little know ridge by most people, although quiet popular amongst the winter instructor Fraternity. I was recommended it a few weeks back, and again last night by a few of the Plas Y Brenin Instructors. So this morning bright and early, breakfast was at 6.20am!, Lawerence one of teh PYB Centre Assistants and I headed a little way back east to find this mythical ridge.

As we walked in the forecast of heavy rain and snow on the tops looked like it was bang on the money, as we switch shells from soft to hard. After a short slog up through the woods with an occasional glimpse of the ridge, we emerged into the wilderness, and before us was one of the finest mountaineering ridges I have seen in a long time. The bottom was a bit of a damp wade, but after the first 100m of ascent the snow started getting better and better and the ridge finer and more exposed.

A total *** classic day out, although the weather at the top was a total “White room”, we did managed to Nav doen avoiding the corniced edge. Although When I let Lawerence take over the the last leg down off the plateaux, I didn’t check his bearing as he had been right twice already. So I let him get on with it. It was only when I thought about it on the way down that I realised he was on the wrong bearing, as we were heading west not south!

It wasn’t too big a problem, as fortunately there was a path off from the valley he got us to!

The Horror of it! The early mornings that is!
Looking down the East Ridge of Beinn A' Choarian

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