Bear Grylls again

Well I looked at my blog stats last night, and was pleased to see a massive increase in traffic, so I tried to hunt down the source as that increase doesn’t happen overnight unless there is a powerful link. My suspicions were a UKC link, that seemed to be coming from the forums. It took me a while and a bothering email to Mick Ryan at UKC HQ.

It seems that firstly there was a post about my video of skiing down Ben Nevis. Secondly though there was a another thread (Thanks Mick) on BMC insurance premiums that I hadn’t seen that was linking back to a an article I wrote a while back on Bear Grylls, the BMC and Us. Which reemerged after some debate over recent increases in premiums. I find it interesting that in the thread Dave Turnbull the BMC CEO actually mentions a £210000 Antartic Rescue (Bear Grylls?!).

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