Santa Monica

Well, just been out o’ the lash in Santa Monica, only made it through 2 and a half hours of the three hours of an american football game. SPent most of my time randomly talking to the locals.

The best bit of the evening was watching some of Santa Monica’s finest apprehend a robber.

Robber, “You threatened my life”
Cop, “calm down and spread em'”
Robber, “You threatened my life”
Cop, “Calm down and spread em'”
Robber ” You threatened my life”
I have to say that the robber was quite threatening in his posture.
At this point Cop B, drew his num-chuck ready to have a go. I thought I was on for a good fight, when Cop A level the guy with a tazer.

Fuck me they are effective, robber dropped to ground and resisted resisting arrest.

Only in America, and I didn’t have to buy ticket.

Note to self, enver disagree with someone with a tazer, they look painfully. Although the robber was fully recovered two minutes later after he was in cuffs!

Sleep then flights!

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