Happy or Sad Boulders????

I went up to some boulders yesterday, not sure if they were the happy of sad boulders. Whatever they were they were ace. I got up there early so spent a while doing some great highball easy line on my own. I then found a few people with a pad, and did some lower harder problems.

Great to be back climbing, although I have to say the shade is a must at the moment, as during the main part of the day it is still a little too hot. But whose complaining, as I can read and sunbathe at the same time. Will try and get some piccies today and tomorow.

Anyway, my time is running out and I have to get out. I have to say thanks to Mick Ryan Bishop destinations article on UKC, as it has been great in reminding me where the crags are. Although at the moment The Pit campsite, Yes just as bad as it sounds, is closed!

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