Saddle Sore

Well, in the last few days I have been trying to improve my fitness for El Cap, the weather has meant that I haven’t been able to climb that much. So I have done a few short runs, and yesterday I went for a Mountain Bike. We headed up to the paraglider take off on the Garret Road, and then headed down in a rather quick fashion down to the Main Track, before heading down to Brynrefail via Cwm Y Glo and then back home in time for tea and cakes.

Later on a small peleton of riders headed up the pass to the Vaynol for a couple of beers and a social, before heading back. I borrowed a friends bike on both occasions, and had a good time playing on a full sus MTB and a nice road bike. I am somewhat saddle sore now, and turned down another ride this morning mainly because I feared that I would be unable to sit down!

The plan is to hit the quarries later today and finally get some climbing done.

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