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Pete 'The Machine' Robins on Wild Understatement
Pete 'The Machine' Robins on Wild Understatement

Last night Pete Robin made the first ascent of the new link of Wild Understatement into Youthansia. A link he had been trying for a while, and had only been denied an ascent when we were there last week and the weekend by really hot weather. Yesterday even was a different story as the cool breeze had dried the crag reasonably well and the temps were spot on for climbing.

I even managed a near redpoint of Night Glue, but forgot how to do the upper wall, D’oh! Pete comment that the route was about F8b+, but was hard to grade given the ‘vertical’ nature of the climbing, which is extremely technical. Take Pete’s words with a pinch of salt though as whilst it may be rather vertical for 8b+ as you can see from the photo above it ain’t that vertical in places.

A great effort for Pete and the rest of us mere mortals were left to flonder around like a fish out of water. Fall Off you say, but I am a trad climber! How do I unlearn a lifetime of telling myself never to fall off? Ever!

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