Christmas Spirit – No More for me!

Well for the last few days it has been Christmas parties, pubs and socialising, i am full to the brim quite literally with Christmas Spirit. I think I only have a few more ‘official’ parties to go to then I can relax in the christmas/new year gap. I felt the pounds I gained at the climbing wall the other night, although it might have been the hangover I was harbouring.

I still await the return of my van the garage managed to lose my keys, so yesterday I had to nip round to Kath’s to get a lift to a rescue. A 50 year old Male with cardiac problems on the top of Cefn Ddu, was a reminder that sometimes my life is far from mundane, although even when driving to the scene contacting the inbound helicopter to give them the latest information on the casualties location and then driving the landrover to the location, rescue can seem a little like another day in the rescue office.
Hopefully we got the casualty into YG in time. The mountains yesterday had a sprinkling of snow, and with more falling over night and even more forecast, I suspect that the team will be busy this weekend, as the masses rush out into the winter wonderland.

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