Gear Review: ME Astron Hooded Jacket

Mountain Equipment Astron Jacket

I very rarely get given kit now days, however I was given a new jacket by a centre I work for, and I have worn it this week, during what can only be described as ‘mixed weather’. Whilst there was no need for me to review the jacket, I do appreciate being handed free kit especially when it is as good as this.

The jacket is the latest softshell jacket, and is made up of Polartec Powersheild material in the main areas of the jacket, it has stood up well to the rigours of teaching rock climbing, something that can destroy lesser materials in days. The material is shower proof and the water beads off it, whilst I doubt that will last for long as durable water repellency often wears off. Unlike previous incarnations of the softshell, the jacket is extremely light and flexible, giving a good range of movement.

The sides of the jacket are made of powerstretch fleece, making it warm yet extremely breathable. The jacket id seems an extreme simple yet practical design, and it will no doubt become a firm favourite for both work, play and the pub. If you want this jacket then it is available in Joe Brown’s who stock all clothing that PYB staff are given as part of there contract.

Possible the best softshell jacket i have ever worn. Warm, comfortable and practical.

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