Bye Bye Yosemite

Well we have left the craziness that is Camp 4 and Yosemite, and entered another wild place LA. This is california I guess. If you made it a country I read somewhere that it would have the third highest GDP in the world, and LA is its capital.

How crazy are LA residence to elect the terminator as their Governor, I mean a part Austrian ex body building actor as the head man. Then I remember that they also elected good old Ronald Regan who was also an actor as their president a few years ago, when we had a special relationship with the US. I wonder if Ron and Maggie ever got it on?

Then even more outrageous than that they elected, then re-elected (or was it a fix) good old George W. Bush, who pretty much took on the role as if he was playing risk, ‘I go for world dominitrix(sic)’ – as if he could spell domination?

Anyway we had an interesting drive down, we now know our hire car can not only off road like a jeep, but also do 86 mph in a 65 zone. Fortunately the policeman believed the story that we were in a rush to get to the airport, and yes we would slow down, so let Llion off for being Welsh. I glad he didn’t clock us a few minutes before when I was driving well in excess of 86!

Anyway I am about to try and shave my beard, I will give you a before and after shot for entertainment, as my razor is somewhere in the depths of the trunk of the car.


After (..with dirty goaty beard left, it will be gone by morning)

Andy K getting interviewed in Camp 4

Andy K capturing the film makers imagination with a bear story.

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