BAG REVIEW: Gelert Back Pack

I had to by a back hydration system before I headed to the states. I looked at lightweight sacks and platypus system in and around Llanberis after seening that a cheap small rucsac was going to cost about £40 and £20 for a platypus. I then stumbled inside the Gelert outlet shop just along from Petes Eats. I there I brought a rucsac with hydration system for £20. I was convinced the bladder would leak, but no it has done wonders.

The pack is very small. Too small to be useful, but great for a few light lunch items and has been retro fitted with llion 3 litre platypus. For twenty quid I wasn’t too disapointed when both zips handles fell off, or that the material fell apart when I was dragged up the last 80 pitches of climbing. I actually think that for the money it was fantastic value. Although llion has a £5 bag from tescos that takes a hydration pouch as well and that hasn’t stood up any better, however I feel the rough usage certainly make the gelert brand worth considering when I think any tiny rucsac would have fallen apart given the way we have treated them.

It has certain helped keep us safely hydrated and all I can say to Llion now is bitty, please.

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