Gwynedd Council: As much use as a chocolate tea pot?

A ridiculously out of place sign!

So I am often totally amazed by small seemingly totally obvious things that would help bring karmic alignment to or world, that are totally over looked by bureaucrats because they have an inability to engage in join up thinking. I was in Parc Padarn, the country park in which Vivian Quarry sits and I was amazed to see the above sign as large as life and twice as ugly on the side of the craft shops in the car park. Now I appreciate that Gwynedd Council have taken the time to think about the recession and the need to drum up business, however it seems a little out of keeping with the overall feel and sense of place.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that at the other end of the row of low terrace type building is another sign (below), advertising the business attached that makes Slate signs. It just seems obvious to me, pay the local slate sign shop, to make a local slate sign, advertising the local shops in the Slate Museum car park. 1+1=2. QED.

Mind you this is the County Council that has possible the worst tourism policy in the world, and actively go round ticketing cars on the High Street in Llanberis, with special concentration of traffic warden activity on sunny weekends and bank holidays. A council that is dead set on reducing the number of parking places rather than creating them, a council that is about to stop funding the Sherpa bus system into the hills, a system that was virtually impossible to use anyway.

I have always found interesting that the control parking zone in Llanberis runs all the way along the high street, right up until you get to one of the local councillors home’s! Anyway I’d like to raise a glass to bureaucracy and total stupidity. It makes me laugh, even though I paid for that sign with my council tax!

So in answer to my question, no….. You can eat a chocolate teapot!

Why not use the native stone sign maker at the other end of the building?

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