Don’t you just love some people

Debris from the Snowy patch a few weeks back, if only people could be arsed to take there litter home!

I was out with a Mountain leader training group group today, working out of Plas Y brenin, on my way back i headed past this wall, only 100 metres from the road but obviously too far for any self respecting parent or child to carry there broken toboggan. I was just flabbergasted, in fact if those type of people are the typical hill user its is not a surprise that it took so long to get open access, and if everybody behaved like that then I am not sure we deserve that access.
I go past this place a lot at work, so will endeavour to arrange to bring it down off the hill if it is still there the next time I pass through.
I took some more photos today, but put them up on my coaching blog as they are more suited for budding Mountain Leaders.

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