Bloody Cables


I spend my working life untangling ropes, and it seems that my home life revolves around untangling cables. I really don’t know how I can plug a phone charger in, and the next day go to remove it only to find I bring the four plug adaptor, two different camera chargers and the BT interweb router with it. How, simply by leaving these cables overnight do they get so tangled?
Do the borrowers come out and plait them together to have a laugh at my expense or is it the dog or is the only purpose in the life of a cable to become tangled? Considering that everything has about twenty cables attach to it, you’d have thought someone would have designed a better non-tangle cable. We can put a satelite in orbit, drill a hole to france (why we did that other than to prove we could, i will never know!) and even make a plane that will take off with the average 900lb american in it. Yet we can’t make a cable that does get tangled the moment you turn your back!
I have to go and untangle the printer from the ipod cable, so I can move the DVD player next to the external hard-drive, so the firewire cable will reach my laptop at the desk, whilst at the same time allowing enough room for my camera to plug into via its USB lead, on top of this I have to plug the power cable in. If I am not back in a week send a search party, as I could be tied to the bed in my room and not in a good way!

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