Beacon and Rant Session

Well, today I was meant to go to Jerry’s Roof with Kate Forrester, however the morning was a little damp so I convinced her that I was way better to go to the Beacon for an indoor session, plastic is fantastic after all, and besides who wants to hovel under a boulder in the cold, only to flail miserably up the same problem that I have already done, albeit the once!

So instead we went for a boulder at the wall and started knocking out a few of my uber-link ups of the problems. After a fairly exhausting power endurance session it was back to my house where I fed Kate some proper Shepherds Pie, made from real Welsh hill farmers. Yum!

We had a good rant off, on the way back based loosely around the economic down turn and with me fight the corner of how basically government and capitalism has failed us. So what is there left for us to do, other than to start nationalising all the failing businesses just to create both jobs and stimulate the economy into a situation where people can afford to buy even the most simple of ‘luxury’ items.

I did go on a bit and laid into the fat cats at the top of the food chain, saying that I would vote for any political party that campaigned under the manifesto that they were going to remove the Chairman of RBS’s> £650000 per year Pension. I mean, just what is he going to spend that on? It might keep him in hookers for a few months, buy several houses a year but other than giving his children if he has any an easy ride what could he actually spend it on? Who in there right mind needs that amount of money to retire. So if someone says they will reduce it to an acceptable level I am all for it, I might even actually make the effort to vote. Something that in my 33 years of apathetic living I have yet to do!

In fact I am all for banning the concept of a bonus, as far as I can see, most of these bankers have totally ruin the global economy, yet still get a nice £100000+ thank you for their mess. In fact how do people justify such astronomical wages as these sectors. In my experience the more money you get paid the less actual work you do! I have several uncitable examples based on local observations.

Am I becoming a socialist, communist or another kind of Marxist freak?

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