TAX Bill, Car Insurance, New Car, Bills, bills, bills

Well I have had a day of hearmoraging money left right and centre. I got up with the plan of completing my tax return. I had spent a day in Vegas going through the process of adding up the expenses and income. I found out today that I managed to do it for the wrong financial year. So then spent the morning and afternoon redoing the calculations for the right year!

Anyway it looked like I had manage to earn more money this year, where it went I have no idea, although 4 months away probably ate up most of it. Those damn holidays! Anyway I owed about £400, I also had to get my car insurance about £300 and I will splash out on my new wheels tomorrow another £1600. Seems like it is in one hand and straight out of the other!

That said to have an increase in my earnings during a year that was plague with the start of the credit crunch and the start of the resession, can’t be too bad!

I then spent the afternoon/evening adding tags to this blog so the subjects that amuse or annoy you can be more easily searched. I will have to try and get out tomorrow, get some more grade 1 gully’s ticked, and some more winter walking. It looks like it is due to snow this evening!

Snowdon: Trinity Gullys

Well I had a busy day yesterday, in the morning I headed to the Caban in Brynrefail for a quick coffee and to get the keys to Huw’s store room, where all my winter climbing kit was stored away. Then it was back to retrieve said gear before walking up the LLanberis Path to the finger stone before descending down to the base of the Trinity Face.

The snow in the gullys was almost perfect neve, but had been well stomped out, resulting in the longest staircase in the world, I was pretty knackered by the top, and as I went to descend I ran into Si Lake toping out of Ladies Gully. So I team up with him and his wife to make the walk out along the PYG track and then have another coffee in the Caban Pen Y Pass.

I spent the evening playing Wii with Hill, Rich and Moony, and was throughly beaten by Hill. A total humiliation! Anyway it is very much winter on the tops, and ice axe and crampons are pretty much essential. Although saying that it is damp out at the moment, but I suspect that the top are still below freezing. I recommend reading a post from a few years back on winter safety on Snowdon for walkers

First Tremadog hit of the Year

Just spent a couple of hours at tremadog. The rock was mainly dry, although a little cold, that said thermals made it barable.

Llion and I climbed christmas curry with a plum/micah finish, one step in the clouds and meshach or shadrach I can remember which one though!

Was great to get moving quick over the rock. Elfyn and mills followed us up the plum. Before doing grim wall direct.

A great few hours on the cliff! I wonder how many times I will climb those routes this year. More than a handful I suspect!