New Beginners Guide Articles for Trad Climbing

I have been busy trying to put more content on Snowdonia Mountain Guides website in the form of articles that I think will be of help to climbers. I have started off with a variety of basic articles on trad climbing which are available on the resources pages of the site.

These now include:

Buying Your First Climbing Rack

Rock Climbing in Snowdonia

Beginners Rock Climbing Article: Placing Wires

Beginners Rock Climbing Article: Placing Hexes

Beginners Rock Climbing Article: Placing Camming Devices

I have also redesigned North Wales Rock, the idea is to offer links to courses from providers other than myself. I haven’t finished it but at the moment the site also links to all the courses I offer on Snowdonia Mountain Guides. If you run a coaching or climbing business in North Wales and would like to have some links to your site then contact via here. I am charging £50 a year for as many courses as you wish to advertise and I will be adding a banner advertisement as well. Your money will be spent on me adding more content on North Wales Rock Climbing destinations to help boost the site and help your SEO ranking in the process.

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