Anyone work on ‘The Keep’ in 1980′s

Filmset Quarry - before it was a filmset!

I was contacted today by a production company who are in the process of making a documentary about ‘The Keep‘, which was filmed in Glyn Rhonwy Quarry during the early 1980′s.  A few years back I took the co-producer down into the quarry, which requires an abseil approach and I had to haul them back out, as they simply weren’t going to be able to jumar out.

This company is keen to contact anyone who worked on the film, as safety, rigging or extras. The film has a cult following, as it was one of Micheal Mann’s first films.

If you know anyone who worked on this film then if you contact me through the comments function I can send you the production companies contact details, as they are planning on doing some filming in the Llanberis area at some points.

They did send me some photos of the quarry back then, it has since become very overgrown.

The film set of Michael Mann's - The Keep

3 thoughts on “Anyone work on ‘The Keep’ in 1980′s”

  1. Hi Mark, Would appreciate the details I have a couple of friends who worked as extras on the film,
    Thanks Mike

  2. Glad it all went well for you, including the crmpoans! I know exactly which icy section you mean on that path as I also went up it in the snow and ice a couple of years ago. A well known blackspot, and of course people tend to think it’s dead easy since it’s called the Tourist Path’

  3. I’m a big fan of the film. Was this documentary made and if so do you know when it might be coming out?


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