Project Over the Hill and Far Away

So for the last year I have been telling my friends about this project. As next year I am forty and decided that I should try and go travelling whilst I am still young enough to enjoy it. By telling people I think it forces your hand more.

So in an effort to ‘pay’ my way around the world, I contacted the company that employed me to teach rock climbing in Patagonia in 2010. They have welcomed me back into there program, and I have just bought the tickets to Santiago in Chile.

I had planned to start travelling in June, around my birthday, however I am leaving just after christmas for 42 days work, followed by some more exciting travel plans for a further month. Including heading to Machu Pichu, An attempt to find and trek to Mount Llullaillaco and a visit to a high altitude city called Potosi.

I am keen to find some travel companions, so I have asked my friends, some of which do actually read the drivel I knock out here whether they want to join me. If you think you might be interested in joining me then please email me, the more the merrier.

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