Coco-Cola are bidding for iconic Welsh Cliff

Coca-Cola International Limited have lodged a strong interest in buying the iconic cliff of Cloggy on Snowdon. Just days after the BBC published a story saying that the farmer that owns the “good for nothing cliff”, wants to try and cash in on the whole Blencathra thing and see if a community group will bow to his demands. Dafydd Morris said in a sinister voice whilst stroking his pussy,  “ONE MILLION POUNDS….. Mawhahahahahaaa!”.

On hearing this Coca-Cola International realised that 1 million pounds is a drop in the ocean, for a publicity stunt. They see the opportunity to advertise their number one product using the cliff as a massive billboard and that a precedent had been set for paintings on the cliff. They also had high hopes to sell the water to Californians.

The company have spoken to Jean Veran the Belgain artist who painted the painted rock in Morocco, who said he was very interested in the project, but feels the work is beyond just him and is look for would be “Redhead’s” to help him bring project to life.


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