Making the most of the weather

So I have managed to get out a few times. I have also been working so not managed to keep up to date here. But I have been in the Pass a couple of evenings, mainly on the crouch. On the Slate doing another lap of the East Face of Vivian plus an evening on the rail track slab.

We have had some really great weather which really does help motivate me for climbing. It seems most nights I have been either out doing something or round a friends socialising and BBQing.

The weather did break this week. Which meant there was some swell. So I managed to get out for a surf at the beginning of the week. With a small but very clean swell, I was the only person in and 2ft waves every ten minutes made for a great way to while away an hour or two. We then got a bigger wing driven swell yesterday, so I managed to get a three hour surf in at a very busy cable bay.

Today I was doing a AMI CPD course, if you don’t understand the Three letter abbreviations, then good for you. If you do well done also. I then managed a evening at the Crouchan again. After watching some yooff’s climbign Cockblock last week. A friend fancied an attempt at head pointing it.

So we set up a top rope and I was more than pleasantly surprised when I got to setting up for the crux before I shouted take. I blame the person who put the runners in for filling the finger slot with a massive wire. The biggest problem for me was that I found it quite easy, for a E5. Way too easy for how hard I think I am climbing at the moment, and easy enough that I should go back and finish what I have started by leading it.

Anyway I have a sports climbing workshop to run tomorrow and hopefully the weather stay good. Although looks like the waves are definitely going again.

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