Climbing and Writing

I have had a great few days that has revolved around a bit of writing, taking some photos, posing for photos and of course some climbing as well.

It started with a day trip to the Lake District which was nice, although only did a little bit of Bouldering. It was a long day and I managed to get back for a few drinks in the evening. This meant that the next day when I met a friend I was feeling a little worse for wear.

Unfortunately just as I met him, I got a call from David Simmonite who wanted to grab some photos for an article I have written for Climber. We posed on around 5 or 6 routes during the day. So hopefully we got enough routes done.

I also chatted to Dave about the next addition of the magazine, one which I am really proud to be a part of. As there are a few things I have put together. First off there is a Cloggy Special, 16 pages of cloggy goodness. I have written an early history and Caff has written about all the latest going ons and hard routes. Jim Curran also interviews the legend that is Joe Brown about his exploits on Cloggy. Sounds great, and apparently I make it onto the cover, although like many covers I have been on, it is belaying someone else!

My other piece is going to be very topical given that this June it is a big anniversary of the D-Day landings. As I take a look back at the Royal Marines Cliff Assault Wing and look at how they affected the development of West Penwith in Cornwall. There might even be an Evolution of Climbing Gear article by me as well. Been really good fun putting these pieces together, with one eye on the climbing and another of the unique history of each. So keep an eye for next months magazine.

In between I have found time to climb, with a climbing wall session in  yesterdays rain and a couple of routes in the Oakover Area of Tremadog and then back via the Cromlech Boulders.



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