Slideshow of Hanging By A Thread

So I was in London for my talk on Monday night. I was a small and intimate gig. Around 30 tickets were sold and it was a great opportunity to share some of the ideas of the book and maybe get a few more sales as a result. I did the talk for Overhang Climbing, who run a series of lectures down there.

I decided to repeat the talk in North Wales tomorrow, as a) I can remember it and b) I thought it would help raise funds for the North Wales Bolt Fund, now the BMC has stopped supporting all bolt funds through their better bolts campaign. Maybe see you at the beacon at around 7pm.

I drove up from Bournemouth yesterday and did a CPD in coaching climbing movement outside. Sadly there was only one person on it, but I thought I might as well head out for a quick boulder before hand. I ran into some Mountain Equipment people and AI called harry and used there pads for a 30 minute quick hit at the RAC before running the course.

It reminded me of working at Joe Brown’s years ago and heading to the RAC Boulder for lunch where I could eat and do two circuits before returning to work.

Today I was supposed to be going up Grooved Arete on Tryfan, but unfortunately my client was a no show. So I headed home and did some writing work, collected my new glasses and then went out bouldering for ‘research’ for an article.


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