Cornwall, Devon and Dorset

So I have had a great few days in Cornwall, working with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Mountaineering Club. Such a great bunch of people and alway humbling to work with the military. It was also a trip down memory lane as we stay at a place where I did my first rock climbing courses as a young lad of about 18.

I met the group at the Quay Climbing Wall on wednesday, and climbed for a couple of hours with them before I continued down to Land’s End in the hope of surf. There was surf but it was pretty epic with massive outside sets coming in.

The following day I headed out with two of the group and did a rope rescue/climbing coaching day at a small crag just outside Helston. We had a pretty poor weather, but managed to stay reasonably sheltered.

The next day five of us headed to Bosigran, I then coached them on Black Slab and Ochre Slab Route II and Little Brown Jug. We had a cracking day and even saw some sun.

The last day was wet again so we drove back via the Quay and I did a couple of days coaching. I ran into Neil Gresham who was down there with Sherpa Gear giving some masterclasses. Was great to catch up with him the first time in a year, I also got to congratulate him on his F8c tick.

I am now in Bournemouth and went to The Project Climbign Centre in the Dolphin Centre in Poole. Was a pretty good bouldering session, although I ache now. I also met with a friend from school. It has been 18 years since I last saw him. So we had a quick catch up and boulder, as he is trying to get back into bouldering.

I am now prepared for my talk that I am giving tomorrow in London Town and later on in the week for the North Wales Bolt Fund at the Beacon Climbing Centre.

I also have to get back up to Wales for Tuesday evening for a climbing movement course at the RAC boulders at 6pm. However the end is insight for the climax of this busy week.

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