Beeline Britain

Land’s End to John o’Groats is something of a cliche when it comes to charity fundraising. Please don’t get me wrong cycling the length of Britain is a very great achievement, but everyone does it. Most of all people who actually like cycling do it for charity and you wonder whether they are just having a holiday where they get fell slightly better about themselves for the charity aspect they have bolted onto it.

My guess is has been done on unicyle, roll skates, <insert funny form of transport here!>  by men, women, children, cats, dogs, sheep etc… So coming up with a new take on a classic challenge must be really hard. I have known for a while that a friend had come up with a variation on a theme. That variation being a close to a straight line as possible by human powered transport.

Enter Beeline Britian, whilst not climbing. I think it is pretty impressive, although I am pretty sure there is a safety vessel with them so don’t worry about them. The top photo allows you to get the idea of what they are doing, so less cycling and more paddling seems on their horizon for some time.

There website is and you can track them on a map here. There is a link to there charity just giving page as well.

For me it seems one of the more adventurous ways of doing the trip, save swimming it!

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