A Busy Week Ahead

So I had to take today to sort through a load of stuff, and get ready to head south. As I am meeting some exciting clients in Devon tomorrow and then headed down to Land’s End for some coaching for a few days.

I then have to leg it back across the south coast to my mum’s in Bournemouth, where I hope to squeeze in a day at a new climbing wall or a crag with a old school friend that has just got back into climbing. Although not sure I’ll manage it.

I then head up to London for the day to give a talk on my book Hanging By A Thread, I am sure there will be tickets left, you can order them from overhang climbing. I have to make it back on the last train that evening to Bournemouth.

Then it is all the way back up to Wales to do a MTA CPD course on teaching technique outside. The date is 13/5/2014 and we meet at the RAC boulders at 6pm. To book your place on this you need to log into the MTA website and book via them.

I am also giving the same talk on Hanging By A Thread at the Beacon in aid of the North Wales Bolt Fund. Tickets are available on the night in the form of a donation. This is on Thursday 15th May at 7pm

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