More Multipitched Slate

It is a bit like a buffet the slate, you can pick and choose from a massive variety of routes some of which compliment each other and others go together like milk and orange juice. Today I took a big bit from a few old faithful combinations in Vivian Quarry.

So after we climbed psychotherapy(E2), as a team were on the start of the combo route we planned. ¬†We started up Mental Lentils (HVS), just as my second was about to head up we had a third join us. So we added to our number and blasted off. Next was¬†Monster Kitten (E1), then Too Bald to Be Bald (E2) which unfortunately was my lead. I should really arrange thing better, but it is a question of what is the shortest straw. Too Bald… or Monster Kitten, both have there moments.

Too Bald… was the hardest route I have lead for months, I was glad I put on my tight rock boots for it. It went quite smoothly all things considered, good to know I can still rock over.

We did then send a leader up Is It A Crime (E2), where upon I think I shouted up at them “Get a move on, and not for our sake!”. The reason being that the rain was about to start and from my position I could see that it wasn’t going to be a light passing shower.

So that was how I spent saturday more. I then headed out to Anglesey and managed a 2 hour surf. A real good swell coming into Cable, and it was working reasonably well even with the tide right out. I am now rather goosed and looking forward to another day surfing tomorrow.

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