A Coaches Dream

I should have probably put this on my coaching blog. But I have few dreams for my coaching. I have no real hankering to get a climber I have coached into the British or an International event. I am not saying that I wouldn’t be immensely proud of achieving that, it is just not what my coaching is about.

Instead my coaching dream is to see someone I have taught to climb years after I have finished teaching them outside or inside climbing, enjoying a climb under their own steam. Today I met a lad at the wall I coached for a few months. He is just getting back into climbing again after by the accounts from his Facebook page he found women and drink when he was at university.

Another young man I taught to climb at a kids club years, although I can’t say any of his success is mine. As he is an exceptional climber and all-round nice guy. He has started a job as a duty manager of a wall down south.

I guess that is what I like about my job, the ability to touch many peoples lives for a short period and seeing an occasionally glimpse of them in the future using some of the skills I helped develop.


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