Memory Lane

I had a great session in the climbing wall this evening, mainly doing stupid circuits. Which are slightly soul destroying at first but I have got over that initial problem that means fall short of your targets and can now fly round 4x4s on the circuit board at the beacon.

Today the Crook was in, something of a mix between a local legend and enigma rolled into one. He was doing his own form of circuits that included finding loads of obscure tenuous bridging rests. Which to be honest was probably more relevent to what climbing I am likely to be doing rather than hanging to to a 30 degree overhanging board for a few minutes.

We got talking as you always do with Martin, and exchange training ideas and motivations. His reason for coming to the wall is to get the problems dialled before inviting a friend along to burn off. I have to say I have never done that, well I have tried to but even after a month solid training Caff came back from Patagonia and burnt me off!

We also chatted about the mythical Plas Y Brenin wall, which back in the day was in what is now the stores. There was one problem that and a key way to do it. Those who didn’t know what the key was would not be able to do the problem as other could hold themselves on a seemingly impossible brick edge.

The key was, quiet literally a key, that you took out of your chalk bag and inserted in a slot and quickly removed it having done the move! Anyway always good to catch up with Martin, he has pointed us towards some obscure bouldering wall if the weather sorts itself out and the rain stops for long enough.

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