Bob Hats: Handcrafted Hats

I always think that a hat for an outdoor enthusiast is an immensely personal thing. I hate buying a new hat as fit and looks alone make the choice somewhat bewildering. Is it long enough to cover my ears but short enough that it won’t cover my eyes. Can I look vaguely professional in it, does the logo go with my other logos?

If you are an ethical buyer then you are often faced with a dilemma as whether or not your hat was stitched together by small children in a bangladesh sweat shop that is filled to near collapse by workers.

The answer might be Bob Hats, these handcrafted beauties have been made with love and care in the back of a large van by two climbers who are currently in North Wales. I have worked with Becky and Will who are two really nice people trying to live the climbing dream out of the back of that van.

To fund a trip round Europe they are trying to start a small business, making these hats. Will is currently laid up knitting, as he waits for his heel to mend after falling of the last move of Jerry’s Roof when a foothold broke. You can see what they have to offer on the website (here)


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