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So I can’t remember whether I have shared this news on my blog. I have mentioned on my Facebook page. So long story short I have managed to get a number of article accepted by Climber Magazine this year. For the next few months to come there are going to be one or two pieces by yours truly.

Although it seems to have started already as I had a piece on Jack Longland and Outdoor Education ┬áin last month’s magazine. If you got last months magazine and read the back page you’ll also know that I am about to embark on a series of one page articles on the history of climbing technology and gear. It is very similar to my Hanging By A Thread book, but in very bite sized chunks.

I have also written a piece for them called ‘Our Own Worse Enemy’ which essentially argues that the biggest threat to access is climbers themselves. The above photo was taken yesterday or today. It was tweeted by @mikerraine who is well worth a follow if you do the twitter thing.

Anyway I actually directly mention inappropriate camping at Tremadog by climbers, to show that it happens regularly we can see mike photo and I have one that I sent in with the article from earlier last year. It is quite shocking when there is Eric’s Campsite just down the road that only cost a couple of quid per person per night.

I will try and leak the stories as and when the previews are mentioned by Climber Magazine. As I think we have a few really unique articles in the planning. I just hope the readers enjoy them.

If you do have any old climbing gear, or photos of old climbing gear then please feel free to send me some hires images. You never know I might just use them in the articles.

PS EDIT – I got sent more photos the one below shows that there are still a number of climbers out there, hopefully in the majority who will di the good thing and tidy up others mess!

2014-02-13 12.23.36
Those unsung heroes of the climbing community who are tidying up others mess!



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