Skool Daze

So I have been working with some kids teaching them to climb, well using climbing to promote team work, communication and self confidence. That or some other educational aim in that I might have summed up one session after we ran out of time for a second roped climb that “climbing was like life, you only get one chance so make it count!”

I think the philosophy of that statement was lost on 12 year olds. The other ‘funny’ thing I did today was overhear two of them talking about how Hilter was bad because he killed kids. I had to correct them and say, “he didn’t just kill kids he killed so many he had to industrialise the whole process.”

“What do you mean he industrialised killing?”

“Well he killed so many people he had to make a factory to cope with the number of bodies he was dealing with”. Apparent the holocaust isn’t in the history syllabus till next year, the kids look so horrified, I decided not to correct myself by saying sorry I meant factories!¬†Anyway good fun working with the these guys and I have another ¬†day and a half to go

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