Happy New Year… Time to Get Training

Well, I have had a great christmas and new year, probably sat about and drank and ate too much. Which meant that the first time I went to the wall for a climb the gravity seemed to have increased some what. I have had a couple of session bouldering and it all seems to be coming back slowly.

I am trying to making an effort to train a bit more, although how long it will last I don’t know. So amongst surfing which has been really good the last few days, I am trying to get strong again for the summer.

I have also managed to get a bit of work writing for Climber magazine this year, after putting together a few proposals. Hopefully you all buy the magazine, I won’t say what I am writing about but it should be varied. Along with the royalties from my books and some coaching work I am hoping that 2014 will be a good year work wise.

Anyway, I hope you 2014 pans out all right for you.

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