Free Wales… or Open It!

The welsh assembly government are set to review access laws in Wales. Whilst we have pretty good access, the law could go further to opening up the land for responsible recreational access.

One example is The Coastal Path for instance is a joke in bit of Wales as land owner have forced it to divert hundreds of metres inland. So much so many part of the path the sea is not actually visible. Also access to many sea cliffs is problematic because of this.

At the moment the powers that be are trying to judge public opinion, with meetings and online feedback. What you need to remember is that whilst people like me that are pro access there are many equally vocal landowners who will be fight and campaigning to curb additional access.

What we need is to garner all the people like us and get them to visit the BMC’s website. Where there is a page with a short article and a button at the bottom that says click to support the Open Wales campaign. You all need to click this and if you blog or use social media get your friends to do the same and then get there friends to do the same.

So show your support to an Open Wales and then share the website on you Facebook page, twitter feed or blog. All it takes is a click.


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