Why Snowdonia Mountain Guides?

For those who haven’t realised the link between my blog here and Snowdonia Mountain Guides, then I obviously haven’t plugged my business enough. In a highly saturated market that is outdoor instructors with their own dot com in North Wales, I thought I would try and point out why I think the courses I offer are among the best in the Industry. So here are some reasons to use SMG.

  1. Snowdonia Mountain Guides head coach Mark Reeves wrote the book on North Wales Climbs.
  2. Mark also wrote a book on How to Climb Harder.
  3. His other books and articles include mental skills for climbers, a moutnaineers guide to avalanches and effective coaching for rock climbing instructors.
  4. Mark has worked as a rock climbing coach in North Wales since 1997.
  5. Mark has the UK highest rock climbing qualification the Mountaineering Instructor Award.
  6. Mark has a MSc in Applied Sports Science with effective coaching, sport psychology and performance physiology.
  7. Mark’s passion for rock climbing shines through in his coaching.
  8. Mark has a near endless collection of rock climbing and mountaineering stories, many of them feature in is book Hanging By A Thread also available for iPad and Kindle.

Hopefully this is enough to convince you that if you want to improve your climbing, then Mark has a both a practical and theoretical background in climbing performance to help, combined with hands on experience teaching thousands of clients to either make their first steps onto rock or push themselves to climb harder. Here’s a full list of his rock climbing courses.

Mark also uses his understanding of teaching and learning to introduce skills on both Navigation, Summer Mountain Skills and Winter Mountain Skills.


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