– A site to promote UK Coaches

I have been tinkering with a website I bought a while back, which aims to promote UK based climbing coaches. The site primarily links climbing coaches to climbing walls. So if someone searches a wall on our climbing walls database then it will highlight which independent coaches operate from that wall.

The site came out of the realisation that promoting an online business is never easy and lots of people want to charge you a fortune for that mythical search engine optimisation. What you needed are links to your site from related sites. This is where we see helping out.

To register on the site, you need to prove you are a coach by one of the four ways that the HSE deems suitable to show competence .

  1. NGB Qualification (Coaching Award, etc…)
  2. Equivalent Qualification (MCA, Coach Processes Cousre)
  3. In-house Qualification
  4. Experience – Highly experience climber

What we are looking for are coaches with more than a standard NGB qualification (CWA,SPA or MIA), we are only accepting those who has done some continuing professional development aimed specifically at improving their coaching. When you visit the site you’ll see what types of CPD we recognise. Were also accept that some of the best coaches are those that operate at an elite level and have learnt their craft through coaching themselves to perform to the highest standards.

Anyway if you are a coach we are currently opening up the site to allow coaches to register and build profiles.

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