The Fear Test: More fesatures on iCoach

In June I wrote and article for Climber Magazine called the fear test, the article gave an overview of how fear and anxiety effect performance. More importantly I added a test so you could identify just how fear effects you. I did this because I firmly believe we are all individuals and each person is unique.

So what works for one person won’t work for another. The test helps you find out what may help you to overcome fear as quickly and effectively as possible. I like the article but even before it was written I had coded it up for iCoach but getting it published meant that I held off on turn the facility on on iCoach Climbing.

Having had half a day I tried to rapidly get a few more functions online. One was the mobile logging app the other was the fear test. To find out more either get the back dated copy of Climber Magazine or visit this info page. Like all the free tools on iCoach you need to register and be logged in for them to work.

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