Gogarth Boat Trip part deux

Well, I spent the day at gogarth, not climbing but arsing around in a boat praying for perfect light that never arrived. I did however managed to get the shots we needed. Essentially we needed a slight closer in shot of the right hand end of main cliff and to extend a topo left of mousetrap so the layout looked better.

We caught the swells off north stack and south stack and just managed to get past the range before it went off as well. I have to say I am glad as we got what even the skipper described as big air off one wave. I guess that is what you get going 28knots over the crest of a freak wave.

Anyway this in one stitch from the day it is off most of main cliff. It won’t be used in the guide. I also had a slow drive by of other areas so have so great topos of trinity house walls areas. This won’t be in the RockFax guidebook, but will be in a list of places I need to climb and hopefully find some virgin rock to get my own new route on.

If you’d like to go for a powerboat ride round Rhosneigr then I can recommend Brian from Total Outdoors Rhosneigr.

Main Cliff - Sorry its small but



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