New Book: Hanging By A Thread


Over the past few years I have been working on a new book. One that steps away from a technical manual on some form of rock climbing or mountaineering skills. The book started with a small idea that made it to a blog post on the ten greatest inventions to rock climbing. I then took that idea and ran with it.

In it original form I have to say that the book was something of a total rambling, a sprewing onslaught of my very tangental stream of consciousness. I thought it was nearly ready for publication and got a friend to proof it. She suggested it was far from ready and needed heavily editing before it would be ready.

It was a hard process, but every chapter she tore apart came back together more concise and more readable than anything I could possible have produced on my own. What I was left with was something I and hopefully she is very proud of. A book on the history of climbing and human achievement blended together to show that climbing is not an island and the historical. If you like it is a curiosity shop of climbing and mountaineering.

We also step out of that history for two stand out chapters on the effects of altitude of the human body and possibly the greatest analysis of why we climb. The Exploration of risk chapter will be a interesting read if you have ever tried to answer the question of why you engage in the risky activity of rock climbing and mountaineering. Although it leaves you with as many questions as it answers. No where else has the current psychology understanding of risk-taking behaviour been put together in one place.

My hope is that whilst you might know some of the stories the context in how I introduce them to you and tell the story will be something new to you. It is currently available on US amazon here, I will update to have a link to uk amazon when in comes online shortly. It is currently only available as a kindle ebook, iPad version to follow and I am going to try and get a print on demand version up and running soon.


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