Lots of Work and DIY

I am still busy here, after trying to make the pdf for the book myself I have decided to employ someone to do it for me. Apparently it will take them and hour as opposed to my 10 where I shall probably fail miserably.

I also have been doing a fair bit of teaching rock climbing. Discover Leading and Performance Rock climbing were the most recent. As well as doing a few other courses in between. I also managed to get back to Gogarth with something of an annual pilgrimage to Mousetrap. Such a great route for E2.

I then went and climbed what is suppose to be classic adventure at VS on the Lleyn. Not sure I agree, as my idea of an adventurous rock climb is that it involves more rock than grass. Sadly I thought Avernus was a waste of good paper in any guidebook. Yes I remember it and it certainly wasn’t type I fun. In that I didn’t enjoy it as I did it. It was neither type II fun as I have yet to enjoy it in retrospect. However I am going to suggest it as type III fun, as I will enjoy it when I convince someone else to go do this ‘classic’ outing and laugh at there ensuing epic.

Evenings have been DIY mainly painting and rock fax work. So has been rather dull round here for a while. Although I made it out to a friends birthday on Sunday Night and wrote off monday and most of tuesday. Tomorrow I head back to PYB for another climbing course and have prepared a 8 pm lecture about my new book. Not sure how it will go but hopefully I can judge the reaction to see whether I want to do a proper book launch.

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