Weekend Coaching in the Peak

Just got back from a great weekend coaching in the Peak. We were based out of the North Lees Campsite and I was working with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines climbing team. The weather was pretty bad so we spent saturday at the Foundry.

Was quite exciting as the foundry is in my mind a bit of British Climbing history, as it was the first dedicated indoor climbing wall in the UK. Sparking somewhat of a surge in participation as many other walls opened using the same model. We had a good session and I think we tired most of the team out, although some escaped to Stanage Edge for the afternoon/evening. They were all really psyched and we looked at movement, tactics and the mental side of coaching climbing.

I  was working alongside Ben Bransby and it was really good to see another coach in action and see how he presents coaching information. Especially as he used to compete indoors to a high level when he was younger.

The following day we headed to High Neb and I got quite a few of the team to try their first leads. It was so much easier than working in Wales as I think I only jugged about 60ft all day. With route close together I could stagger the team and get through about 8 people on their first lead climbs.

I have to say it was an honor to be asked to work with the armed services, the RN/RM inparticular have a much harder time training when on ship. Although I did hear about some funny stories of using a beast maker finger board on a moving ship whilst execute tactical turns!

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