We Have Touchdown

We Have Touch Down.... The Devil's Appendix has connected and was climbed today.-

After yesterdays efforts, the least of which was the hike up and down. I was dead set on a route with an easy approach and some interesting climbing. Idwal seemed the answer and  it seemed every winter climber from here to nottingham and asked the same question and got the same reply. I blame blogging for letting people know what is in condition!

We headed straight for the Screen a lovely IV, 4 and joined one of the shortest queues. My plan had been do the Ramp then the Screen, but the volume of traffic seemed too much. So we were content with the Screen and follow/past a couple of climbers who had broken the first pitch in half and then left our belay in as there was nothing else other than a poor screw and a couple of sketchy hogs.

After that we had to wait for the my warthogs for a while, but to be fair the top pitch was not in the best condition with a few wobbly sticks to get over the main bluge. To give you an idea there were teams on Idwal Stream, South Gully, Chicane Gully, The Ramp, The Screen, Devil’s Pasture and in reference to the post title The Devil’s Appendix.

Yes the icicle has finally touch down and I suggest if you have it on your list then tomorrow is the day to do it before the thaw due friday/saturday. I am not sure if the top pitches were climbable as I only saw one team on the first pitch. The gossip going round the Cwm as we waited to depart was earlier someone had fallen off and possible KO themselves, but later walked away. Last night as we walked out the RAF were rescuing a fallen climber from around Devil’s Pasture. So be careful out there.

My little finger is the size of my thumb as well after my axe penetrated further than anticipated. Don’t think I have broken it but it is throbbing like mad. So rest for me and maybe time to hang the axes up for another year given the weather coming up over the next few days. Although if it re-freezes then the Trinity face may well be worth a visit, we shall have to see what is what over the next few days.


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