Tryfan is rather Icy ATM

Yesterday I was working teaching someone how to scramble on Tryfan, the weather was dry but with a very cold wind with rime starting to form fairly low down. However as we ascended there was a thin film of ice covering the rock, not really verglas but enough to make it fairly spicy. We made into the gully that leads around the North Tower.

At this point I made the decision to rope my client up as the icy rock made it look like bambi on ice. The reason I decided to rope up was I felt it would be easier to safeguard my one client this way rather than spot as I normally would. We kept the rope on till the base of the South Ridge. It was a good day and Keiran enjoyed the day out, although he was a little apprehensive at times due to the conditions.

It looks like we are due a few more cold days, hopefully we will get some snow and ice build up over the next few days, and who knows we may even get some winter conditions by the end of next week. If it does pan out to winter then I still have availability on welsh winter skills courses and private tuition.

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