Would you buy a iPad Photo Book?

Well I have been experiementing with making a photo book for iPad, as a. its quite strsight forwards and b. I have an awful lot of pictures from North Wales. Combined with the number stories and antedotes of climbing the rotues myself or from other. I though it might be interesting to share my work rather than have it sit on my harddrive gathering dust.

Unfortunately I am not sure if I will be able to make it for any other platform as the formating is specifically for iPads. Having done a trial for my own iPad the retina display makes the images look even better than they do on my computer!

I was just wondering what people thought of the idea? I am guessing it will be a massive collection of images, I have around 40000 and counting!

Other than that I have been up the wall, I was gutted they took down the route I was working, however they replaced it with a much more soft touch F7b, which I flashed. I might try the new F7c in the hope that it too is soft. That or I suddenly have become much much better overnight.

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