Ladies Gully

Well after doing a few easy gullies around Clogwyn Ddu on tuesday, I teamed back up with Dave to climb Ladiers Gully on the Trinity Face on Snowdon. I have over the years soloed nearly all of the grade I/II on the face, but never been bothered to drag a rack all the way upi there.

So with Dave, I did just that and we finally got to the racking up spot at the same time that all the locals who are constrained with the School Run. It was like a busy evening in the Beacon with lots of familiar faces all getting ready for some pleasant gully action on approaching perfect hero neve.

Dave climbed the first wee pitch about grade II to reach the base of the main event in our gully. I then had the joy of climbing this most amazing gully with great neve and some rock for protection. After I lead the pitch we were passed by Tom Ripley on a soloing mission. Before topping out.

As I was walking out I started to feel, pretty tired and larthargic, to the extent that I needed about ten minutes sat in the car before I could drive home. Once there I totally crumbled and appeared to have come down with some form of bug. Which was gutting because today I had eyes on Y Gully Left hand on Clogwyn Ddu, as I had never seen so much ice in it on Tuesday.

With meltdown about to happen tomorrow, I gues I will have to wait another 10 years for it to form as well as it had. Hopefully a few people went up there today to reap the rewards. A couple of friends did it yesterday and it sounded awesome, as most of the ice routes up there were in condition.

As for me its bed time again.

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