Apple Maps + North Wales Rock App = One Great Christmas Present

I updated to iOS 6 when it initially cmae out and was like many people appalled with what I saw in terms of quality. Especially in North Wales. The app I had worked so hard to make along with steve golley at theSend was really badly effected with bad mapping. We had been thinking about a workaround or getting the OS (Ordinance Survey) mapping for the area to replace it.

The problem was it seemed that Apple had forgetten to link the hires images of some of area covered by the guuide, inparticualr snowdon and parts of teh cost seemed to suffer from really poor resolution. I have been checking as regularly as I could, but without any climbign weather I had not looked at the maps for around an month. So I was really happy to see today that the mapping gliches apple had are being sorted out.

For me that is of course not a moment too soon, as I am hoping to make another update in the spring and of course I am hoping that any of the good boys and girls out there who get a smartphone for christmas might want to buy the app ready for the new year.

Anyway, the app is available in the App Store or google play via the links in the sidebar. There are also a growing number of both free and paid guide that are being developed over on theSends platform. Hopefully it will be a bumper year for releases.

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