I have just had a phone call from Doug Scott

One of the pictures on its way to Doug.

To many of todays wall bred climbers Doug Scott, might not be a well known climber/mountaineer. However to me he represent an icon who pushed hard routes up himalayan peaks, but he was also author of a favorite book of mine that I have only ever seen a couple of copies of Big Wall Climbing.

I was down stairs working on my own book trying to do battle with the motives behind why we climb, so missed his call. So when I went upstairs I had a message from an unknown number, as I heard it I was taken aback as it was none other than the mountaineering legend himself, asking if he could have some of the photos I took of Sir Chris Bonnington on the summit of Snowdon when he took the Olympic torch to the highest point in England and Wales. The answer was of course he could as it is part of a fundraising campaign for Community Action Nepal.

The photos are part of a closed bid auction for Sir Chris Boningtons Olympic Torch, as part of the winning bid you get one of those photos signed by Sir Chris. They are hoping and expecting the torch to raise between £8000 – £12000 for Community Action Nepal. If you have that kind of money hanging about you can make a sealed bid via their website here.

The process ends on 14th November next week when the winning bid will be revealed.

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