Hollywood comes to Bangor…

My job is nothing if diverse, especially recently, where there has been a large increase in the amount of work I am getting. I don’t know if that is because I have done something right with search engine optomisation, or its a sign that people have started to believe in the government that the recession is easing, if not totally over.

This weekend reflects this perfectly. I spent saturday in th sun teaching a sport climber to trad climber course. We did a little rigging at the top of a very busy Upper Tier, there were 4 groups plus some other climbers, then I got Rense to lead a couple of routes.

Yesterday I got a call at lunchtime asking if I was free for some rigging work on a film that afternoon. I said of course and headed over to find out what they wanted and spent the afternoon and evening hoisting actors up and lowering them down for a scifi film. It was a low budget Hollywood film being filmed in the area.

It is always interesting as I had only a little time and very few resources to rig a safe and functional hoist. A few of the crew commented that it seemed to work very well and were impressed with the work I did for them. Who knows it may lead to more work in the future.

Then today I was back in the beacon teaching a one to one session with a young lad who climbs really well. I had him leading and I got him to take a couple of clip drops to build his confidence.

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