Advance Scrambling in Advance Rain

I have been teaching an advanced scrambling/intro climbign course over the last couple of days. The undecisive nature of teh course is due to the weather that has not let up. Despite the weather being forecast better today and the BBc telling me the rain had passed through. Instead it waited until I was at the base of Obleron until the the heavens opened and all hell broke loose.

I did battle teaching my guys how to belay up each other up in a scrambling stylee and onyl when we topped out did the rain stop. We eventually had some lunch and the weather improved so we did the same on Christmas Curry.

Today help them put together some of the techniques I showed them the day before on Clogwyn Y Person Arete. Again done in the rain until we topped out and the weather improved. I have put a panorama up of the Snowdon Horseshoe on my Facebook page. Search Snowdonia Moutnain Guiodes and like if you’d like to see them. I have been uploading a few extra photos up there as it is easier to get them online.

Not too sure whether we are going to head out tomorrow or friday, again weather dependant. Although the rain look biblical again tonight with flood warning in place.

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